Polishing of headlights.
Headlights / October 31, 2016

Night is not just the most romantic, but also the most dangerous time on the road. If while driving your headlights don’t light bright enough, and the road seems to be blurred and fuzzy, this is a sure sign to resort to the service of headlights Polishing. In addition to the aesthetic effect, polishing helps to restore the proper dissipation of the light beam, which is important for driving safety. Because safety during night-time movement is very important, and the solid, opaque, yellow lights can be very dangerous. Discard cloudy, yellow headlights can reduce visibility at night by 50%. A headlamp are oxidized due to rain on 75% !!! Oxidation of headlights because of the rain is observed at 7 out of 10 cars over 3 years old. And it significantly reduces the visibility what is often a major cause of road accidents at night. Polishing of headlights is an effective way to restore the original form of the headlights, improving the overall appearance of the car. Polishing of lights is recommended once every two or three years.