Mustang Custom Headlights – 2010 mustang headlight

December 31, 2016

What’s up you too I got 2 new things I want to show you in the Ford Mustang right now so you can figure it out you figured out to them and tell you room zoom in this right here this list by the millions to be amber this on the side right there you see black chrome silver all that you. And now it’s all black check it out looks clean. Super clean and super nice I love it And looks Credible. There is people that can do this for you but the one that I saw on Instagram of some guy that was able to do it for you charge you about $300 that worth it for me not so much is a reasonable price seen that scene that it takes so long to do this.

2010 mustang headlightsBut not really that way through. I did this to my own car by myself with a friend. In my garage her took off the bumper took off the 2010 Mustang headlights from with the housing remove the plastic cover that all that black right there. Put the plastic in my garage paint it and then just put it back on. Sue greasy took me about maybe 15 Bucks the mother just paint. And just look at that look how clean the looks I love it I got rid of all my amber ready in my car 2010 Ford Mustang. Those deal didn’t I miss down there and then this is. View: 2010 Mustang headlights. Perfect claim look clean clean loads. I love the black out there’s a tent that some people can get right here goes like that attend there’s a tech 20 percent to 1000000000 a black out of luck let the black guy looks hideous and my opinion of course look like someone just came in pain right here and then it just looks like it’s not supposed to act and look awful. 10 isn’t too bad because it kind of goes with them too bad you can still see a little bit of amber.

But it is better than stock I will admit that. Other people can maybe go to your local tent. Plays what have you got your 10 from. And another friend that spread has rates and he just break. Cover all this off. Still too much work for me we’re not really too much work but I rather just do what I did and paid it off. Next thing I gotta show you guys right here is that the bomb plugs bumper plug here. I know it is illegal in Texas to not have a license plate. But I do have my legs if they break it inside the car right now waiting to be put on it’s not the stones show nor the one that.

Flips I’ll review it later and so you guys why did not get those tomb. And give my personal opinion of course but for now I just got these bumper close and they look way better. Then stupid little holes in the car Michelangelo Daddy please ignore it’s been raining. And a little preview on what’s next to come the next video is right there you know that is great you don’t know what that is look at my answer on you might be able to find it. Well yeah guys that’s all I have for now. I love the way these lights look so nice looks so clean. It makes the car just. More mean aggressive of course I mean who likes all that. Amber I don’t know that. You do well that’s because you know you got to do all this work but you don’t there’s a way you don’t have to pay $3 you wanna installation they on how I did that let me know I would be glad to make one. Hit me up on the comments and messages I want to know what videos you and want to see and be able to get more information out there about 10000 miles can only. I should give a review on that house it’s doing. And while this car so much alright I’ll see you guys next time. Making you feel that snake.

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